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Sayaka Isoyama "massage plate"(2012/10/9)

磯山さやか かっさ&DVDセット

Sayaka Isoyama who is a popular pin-up model produced the plate for massage called "Kassa" with us. We made it under the supervision of a specialist.

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Mifune Mika "Style-2up slippers"(2012/09/18)

Mifune Mika "Style-2up slippers."

We produced"Style-2up slippers."with Mifune Mika who is a TV star. It makes your figure looks good.

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Sayaka Isoyama "bust care cream"(2012/09/11)

Sayaka Isoyama "bust care cream"

We produced the bust care cream with a famous pin-up model, Sayaka Isoyama. You can expect your bust being firm and shiny.

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We produced non-silicon hair treatment with "cosme. com"that is internet-order service site for woman.

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Mayu Ito "enzyme drink"(2012/08/16)

This enzyme drink was produced by Mayu Ito who is a dance instructress from famous TV program.

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Natsuki Kato "body shaper"(2012/07/03)

We produced body shaper for west and for thigh with Natsuki Kato who is a famous fashion model.

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Yoko Karin Zetterlund "special pillow"(2012/05/29)

We produced the special pillow and its cover with Yoko Karin Zetterlund, who was a vollyball player in the U.S, has been doing reserch in sleep.

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Angelica Michibata "enzyme jelly"(2012/03/13)

Angelica Michibata who is a fashion model produced the enzyme jelly containing collagen.There is a rush of orders for it.

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Yoshimi Asada "blanket fragrant with aroma"(2011/11)

This blanket and mini bag fragrant with aroma because of special manufacturing. We produced it with Yoshimi Asada who is a popular blogger.

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Chiharu Niyama "silicon cookware series"(2011/10)

We produced silicon cookware series with Chiharu Niyama who is a TV star. Her advises as a housewife made these function and design good.

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Aki Hoshino "CC cream and UV powder"(2011/08)

The CC cream and UV powder for face from clinic's brand was produced with Aki Hoshino who is a popular pin-up model.

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Aki Hoshino "lip balm"(2011/05)

Aki Hoshino who is a popular pin-up model produced lip balm had been used in a beauty salon.

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Aki Hoshino "body scrab"(2011/05)

This body scrab has been used in a beauty-treatment clinic, and Aki Hoshino who is a popular pin-up model have loved it long time. Her fervent offer made her to produce it to general market.

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Chieko Ochi "special pancake"(2011/05)

We produced special pancake, that can be variety arranged, with Chieko Ochi who is popular around mothers.

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Sayaka Araki "beauty advisor"(2011/03)

We produced body scrab with Sayaka Araki who is model and beauty advisor.

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Masahiro Kasahara "rice dishes"(2011/03)

We produced the over rice dishes, "chicken and miso taste", "pork and miso taste", and "ginger and sea tangle" with a famous chef, Masahiro Kasahara.

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onegai ranking "bath powder "(2011/02)

We produced bath powder as a project of the popular TV program.

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Ranko Kanbe "body shaper series"(2010/12)

We produced body shaper series with fashion model, Ranko Kanbe. This series have 8 type like for weist, for leg, and for hip.

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Sayaka Isoyama "brassiere for night"(2010/10)

We produced brassiere for night and body shaper with a famous pin-up model, Sayaka Isoyama.

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Asako Ito "feet care"(2010/08)

We produced feet care with Asako Ito who is a famous entertainer. If you bath your feet in this special liquid, your sole's old horny substance peels.

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Aki Hoshino "leggings"(2010/03)

We produced leggings with famous pin-up model, Aki Hoshino.

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Yoshimi Asada "body shaper"(2008/12)

We produced body shaper with a popular blogger, Yoshimi Asada. It is especially for woman who has no confidence in their body line.

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